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New blog for Photo Sharing – My Pikchuz

New blog for Photo Sharing – My Pikchuz

Guys, check this new blog PIKCHUZ. 

Send your photos at mypikchuz@gmail.com and share your clicks with the world.

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The Useless Web

The Useless Web


TheUselessWeb.com is one another of those fun websites’ collection websites..!!
The only difference is, the webpages where it leads you to, i guarantee, you would have never ever seen such stuff…  because, some websites…we just couldn’t do about..!!

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Found this website recently..!
What it does is, you just have to type the name of the artist whose track you’re listening to and press “What should i drink” button. It will automatically by itself generate a drink recipe for you. It will suggest what you should do and what you must drink according to the mood as per the music track..! Isnt it amazing?.. Try it.

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#Hello World….!

Sorry guys, the previous name – MyCrowSoft had already been taken..! I am currently not interested in being getting sued by anyone 😛
Changing the name to MiCrowSoft
(Mi meaning My in Espanol)


#Hello World....!

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BRIEFCASE – used it on ur PC yet?

BRIEFCASE - used it on ur PC yet?
Did you know what that option “briefcase” is for? I dont know even if most of the people know about it…!
I am a computer engineering student and i myself never used it. But yesterday this pic aroused curiosity in me to find out what is the actual use of “briefcase” ?
You can use Briefcase to keep files in sync between two different computers, even if the computers are not on the same network. If the computers are not on the same network, you can copy files from one computer to another by using removable media, work on those files using the other computer, and then use Briefcase to sync the changes back to the original computer.
To use it, there are several steps involved, as follows

1.Open the folder where you want to create a new Briefcase.

2.Right-click a blank area in the folder window, point to New, and then click Briefcase.

3.A new Briefcase appears. Type a name for the Briefcase, and then copy any files you want to sync into the Briefcase.

*You can also create a Briefcase on your desktop by right-clicking a blank area on the desktop, pointing to New, and then clicking Briefcase.

*Briefcase does not work with Sync Center.

Well,i hope now those who dint know about this before, will start exploiting this feature soon..!

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Apple Concept Headphones

Here’s some pics of an unreleased concept Apple headphones design by Sang Hoon Lee.




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Problem Solved …… finally..!!!

Now here’s some news to give u a bit relief. The Double-sided Universal USB design has finally arrived.

All of us at some point have to face this problem, when we were in so much hurry that we dint pay any attention to the correct side of the USB pen drive while inserting it into the USB port. I know how annoying it is when you don’t succeed the first time..!! The painful days are gone now. You would now be able to insert the USB device correctly even blindfold..!!

The actual structure and idea behind it is that when you insert it any side (may be upside down or the other way), then one layer stays intact, while the other is pushed in, i.e in this case both layers can slide, giving you full freedom to insert it both ways.
Ma Yi Xuan is a student designer who has solved the problem in theory, and in reality by UltraTek‘s new Flipper.


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