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The Useless Web

The Useless Web


TheUselessWeb.com is one another of those fun websites’ collection websites..!!
The only difference is, the webpages where it leads you to, i guarantee, you would have never ever seen such stuff…  because, some websites…we just couldn’t do about..!!

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Opening Blocked Websites

What is a Proxy Site?


What is a proxy site is a question that can best be answered by taking a look at what proxy servers are. In computer mumbo jumbo, proxy servers are programs or systems that function as the intermediary application for processing requests from clients who are looking for resources stored in other servers in a vast network such as the Internet. When accessing websites or simply surfing the Net, the client (that’s you) computer connects to the proxy server which in turn requests other appropriate servers for connection, files, and other types of resources and services. But it must be emphasized that a proxy server is not an ordinary go-between for different servers in the network. As a matter of fact, this computer system can be programmed to evaluate and filter out unwanted sites and other online applications.

The proxy server’s ability to sift through cyberspace and deny access to certain websites gives rise to what is a proxy site. Well, a proxy site is a website that allows Internet users to get around proxy servers, thus allowing access even to websites or online services that would have been otherwise filtered out by a proxy server. With a proxy site, a Net user simply has to type in a website’s URL and enjoy unrestricted online browsing. A proxy website prevents a user’s IP address from being recorded. Thus, it can hide the true identity of the user.

Here’s a list of top proxy sites, that can give you easy and safe access to blocked websites :-

  1. http://premium4all.net/
  2. http://proxyfx.com/
  3. http://how-to-unblock-websites.com/
  4. http://cookieshield.tk
  5. http://undershots.tk
  6. http://nolimit1.com
  7. http://www.unblockersproxy.in/
  8. http://www.sitefoo.info
  9. http://www.veryfastproxy.in/
  10. http://unblockschoolcomputers.net/
  11. http://www.0383.org
  12. http://freeproxysite9.info/
  13. http://stopsme.com/
  14. http://surfmy.org/
  15. http://prooxy.net/
  16. http://www.gizlen.net/
  17. http://ipchanged.com
  18. http://kingproxy.net/
  19. http://hidemybody.com
  20. http://www.freeproxysurfing.in/
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