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Wi fi signal at the max…..!!

Wi fi signal at the max.....!!

Sorry guys, am busy with my semesters’ final exams..
will be back to track soon, posting something geeky that will make u smile again.. 🙂

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Turn a Soda can into a Wi-Fi extender…!!!

We have always been finding ways to increase our Wi-Fi signals, and if you aren’t ready to spend some bucks on buying a brand new router, then there is a way out for you. Now, you can do it with the help of a soda can. Yes, with a f*ing soda can.!!! You just have to rip it off in a ‘man’nerly way and then put it up on your antenna, where it will act as a parabolic reflector and you can enjoy Wi-Fi on the far side of your house.

Just work according to the arrangement as shown in the image below.


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