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Tech Guy Trolled

Tech Guy Trolled

Sorry for the little delay in posts!  Examination Pressures… u know..!!  😛
Just 5 more days, i’ll be back again..!  🙂

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Include em All too


Whats your say about this?

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Turn a Soda can into a Wi-Fi extender…!!!


We have always been finding ways to increase our Wi-Fi signals, and if you aren’t ready to spend some bucks on buying a brand new router, then there is a way out for you. Now, you can do it with the help of a soda can. Yes, with a f*ing soda can.!!! You just have to rip it off in a ‘man’nerly way and then put it up on your antenna, where it will act as a parabolic reflector and you can enjoy Wi-Fi on the far side of your house.

Just work according to the arrangement as shown in the image below.


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Overly attached FB

Overly attached FB

😀 why do u wanna know….!!!!!!

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iPhone5 vs Samsung Galaxy siii

iPhone5 vs Samsung Galaxy siii

The war will never end..!!
Who do you think deserves to be on the top?

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