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Turn a Soda can into a Wi-Fi extender…!!!

We have always been finding ways to increase our Wi-Fi signals, and if you aren’t ready to spend some bucks on buying a brand new router, then there is a way out for you. Now, you can do it with the help of a soda can. Yes, with a f*ing soda can.!!! You just have to rip it off in a ‘man’nerly way and then put it up on your antenna, where it will act as a parabolic reflector and you can enjoy Wi-Fi on the far side of your house.

Just work according to the arrangement as shown in the image below.


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From the co-writer of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Brilliant Visuals and Adrenaline-inducing Gameplay.

The most ambitious CALL OF DUTY to date
– USA Today

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The POWER of IP addresses


If your college/institute authorities have restricted your access to your favourite websites, then below is the solution. Show them, that you are a step ahead.
Here, i’ll be giving ip addresses to some famous websites and also you will be told that how to gain access to those blocked websites.

# News

# Social media

# Torrent sites

# Social networking

# Live Streaming Content

# Television

# Shopping

# File Sharing

Now, all you gotta do is, copy the above given ip address (for example- and paste it just like you write any other normal URL in your web browser. Hit “enter” and the corresponding website will be opened.
For all those “do-it-yourself” guys, who are eager to know how this works, here is a trick :-
1. Go to your desktop and click on “Start”.
2. Type “cmd” in search box and open it.
3. Once opened, in the command prompt, type-
ping  <website’s address>
and press “enter”.
for example-    ping


4. The ip address related to your desired website will be generated. Copy it and here you go.!!

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