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Those days..!

Those days..!
Yes,unbelievable..but it is true. There was time when hard disks of up to as little capacity as 10 MB, used to cost around 3400$.
Now you can order a 2TB (2097152 MB) hard disk online. for about 100$. Isn’t it amazing? Thanks to the revolution in computer technology. Now you can very well make a guess about hard disk prices 50 years from now..!

Here are some more jaw dropping advertisement cut-outs..!



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BRIEFCASE – used it on ur PC yet?

BRIEFCASE - used it on ur PC yet?
Did you know what that option “briefcase” is for? I dont know even if most of the people know about it…!
I am a computer engineering student and i myself never used it. But yesterday this pic aroused curiosity in me to find out what is the actual use of “briefcase” ?
You can use Briefcase to keep files in sync between two different computers, even if the computers are not on the same network. If the computers are not on the same network, you can copy files from one computer to another by using removable media, work on those files using the other computer, and then use Briefcase to sync the changes back to the original computer.
To use it, there are several steps involved, as follows

1.Open the folder where you want to create a new Briefcase.

2.Right-click a blank area in the folder window, point to New, and then click Briefcase.

3.A new Briefcase appears. Type a name for the Briefcase, and then copy any files you want to sync into the Briefcase.

*You can also create a Briefcase on your desktop by right-clicking a blank area on the desktop, pointing to New, and then clicking Briefcase.

*Briefcase does not work with Sync Center.

Well,i hope now those who dint know about this before, will start exploiting this feature soon..!

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