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Hack this site!

Now this is something really cool.  I found it while randomly surfing the net. Here’s a site where hackers can test their hacking skills.

This is safe and legal.!!  It provides a series of hacking challenges, articles, resources, and discussion of the latest happenings in hacker culture. There are a number of  missions here, each demonstrating a different kind of skill. You just have to go through their disclaimer policy and create an account to start with, and its free. So, all those budding hackers out there, here’s an opportunity to polish out your skills. Explore it. Wish you all the luck.!!

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Problem Solved …… finally..!!!

Now here’s some news to give u a bit relief. The Double-sided Universal USB design has finally arrived.

All of us at some point have to face this problem, when we were in so much hurry that we dint pay any attention to the correct side of the USB pen drive while inserting it into the USB port. I know how annoying it is when you don’t succeed the first time..!! The painful days are gone now. You would now be able to insert the USB device correctly even blindfold..!!

The actual structure and idea behind it is that when you insert it any side (may be upside down or the other way), then one layer stays intact, while the other is pushed in, i.e in this case both layers can slide, giving you full freedom to insert it both ways.
Ma Yi Xuan is a student designer who has solved the problem in theory, and in reality by UltraTek‘s new Flipper.


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Sift Heads : Street Wars

Sift Heads : Street Wars

Whoa..!  I never thought flash made games could be that awesome. Presenting to you one of the best online playing game – Sift Heads – Street Wars.
This will really amaze you with those black head ninja type action figures, doing some crazy stunts. Simply click on the underlined text above the image to play the game. Try it once and post your feedback here. Kick some asses..!!  Good luck.

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